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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Find A Book......the right book!!!

We all know as teachers and parents that finding the right book for children to read is often a challenge.
Visit this site to find those "just right books" for students.

This site uses lexiles to match readers and texts according to student ability and difficulty of text.
Now, don't let the term "lexile" scare you! This site can match students and books using lexile measures even if you do not know the lexile level of the student you are helping. Just follow the directions for "Find a Book" and you will be on your way. All you need to know is what grade the child is in and whether the books at that grade level are too hard, too easy, or readable.
Give it a try.
After reading a book recommendation that is "just right" for your reader, you will have a good idea about which lexile level is a good fit. If the recommendation is too hard, drop down a lexile level or two. If it is too easy, you know what to do! Move up!
Happy Reading!

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