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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Phrasing to Improve Fluency and Comprehension- How to Teach It

We do not read, speak, or even think of each word by itself. We tend to group words together into phrases.
Understanding phrases while reading can help fluency and comprehension. You can make reading in phrases
even easier by lightly underlining the phrases(with a slight scoop, as if drawing a spoon to hold the phrase).
Rereading a passage, emphasizing the phrases can make it easier to read smoothly.
There are many other phrasing activities besides this basic phrasing activity.
If using the general phrasing activity described above is not helping your student, look into this site for some
great ideas on how to support this skill with some foundational activities that will lead to better phrasing while reading.


Learning About Phrases to Improve Fluency and Comprehension

by Susan Jones, M.Ed.
This site provides activities on
*phrase generation
*sorting phrases
*learning to break sentences into meaningful phrases

Here is an example of one of the sorting activities.
Students read the phrase and determine whether the phrase gives information regarding "when" or "where"

When or Where?

1. ___________________ to the chain-link fence
2. ___________________
while the sun slowly set
3. ___________________
much, much later
4. ___________________
against a scrawny tree trunk
5. ___________________
before dinner
6. ___________________
over there
7. ___________________
at the foot of my bed
8. ___________________
when there were still dragons
9. ___________________
in England
10. ___________________
over ten years
11. ___________________
over the whole street
12. ___________________
under the little red wagon
13. ___________________
as he hops away
14. ___________________
inside my head
15. ___________________

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