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Monday, January 24, 2011

Lots of easy reading.....makes reading EASY!

Bootstrapping, a term coined by Stanovich (1986), refers to readers learning more about reading every time they read independently.

When students engage in this process, they use present strategies to build or construct new strategies. The text, in itself, is scaffolding the reading for the child.

Familiar rereading is a great way to give your students opportunities to become better readers. This will also improve fluency and strategy use. It creates independence and an improvement in overall attitude about reading.

How Rereading Can Help You
Understand hard words.
Find things you did not find before.
Help the story make sense.
Make it more interesting.
Help you memorize if you need to for a contest.
Make you a better reader.
Find words and sentences you skipped.
Keep reading a part over and you'll get it.
Make reading more fun because you go over the best parts.
A pretty terrific list!

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