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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Videos worth viewing- Vocabulary Instruction, Verbal Retell

Ok....Anyone who has worked with me knows how I feel about Dr. Anita Archer. I think she is one of the most brilliant educators on earth. Here is a link to watch her in action. The main reason I am posting this link is so you can see some great vocabulary instruction. Dr. Archer has spent years researching effective vocabulary instruction and is responsible for so many of the instructional routines you will find published and used today. Her procedures work! Watch for yourself. When you see what Dr. Archer does in her lessons, you will learn things that will help you increase the vocabulary knowledge of the students in your room. Combine what you see here with the interesting plans you find on and you are on your way to becoming a vocabulary instruction wiz yourself.

So sit back, click on this link, choose a video and ENJOY!

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