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Friday, December 31, 2010

Reading Aloud to Your Young Reader- Try Margaret Wise Brown

animals in the snow  another important book  Margaret Wise Brown is one of my favorite authors for young children. Her books seem to draw young children in with their theme and simplicity. Famous for her well known books Goodnight Moon and Runaway Bunny, Brown also wrote hundreds of other books and stories. Most of Brown's books have animals as characters in them. She liked to write books that had a rhythm to them, so many of her books rhyme or repeat a word pattern. I feel that these are some of the qualities that make her books so appealing to young children. These books are certainly the kind that children beg you to read over and over again. (The number one sign that you are sharing the right book with your children!)
She tried to write the way children wanted to hear a story, which is different from the way an adult would tell a story.
If you are looking for some children's books that will be a hit with your young reader, definitely give this author and her works a try. You will not be disappointed. 
Want to know more about Margaret Wise Brown's books? Check out her website. Descriptions of each of her books is available here.

sailor dog big red barn   bumblebee bunnys noisy book  child's good morning  vw  )   friendly book )friendlyo give youself to the rain  Golden Egg Book  goodnight moon           home for a bunny        Important book  little donkey  little fur family  Little island ylittle scarecrow   mouse of my heart  my world  my world of color Nibble nibble    over the moon  Runaway Bunny           sneakers        wait til the moon is full    

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