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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Readers' Theater for Two

You and your students are bound to love Readers’ Theater!

Readers’ Theater  is an activity in which students, while reading directly from scripts, are able to tell a story in an entertaining way without props, costumes, or sets.
This is a reading activity, and students are not asked to memorize their lines. Students are encouraged to be expressive while reading their lines and  to use intonation and gestures appropriate to their parts.
Readers’ Theater is a great activity because it provides repeated reading practice—an important factor in building fluency. Repeated reading practice also improves students' confidence in and excitement for reading. It’s an enjoyable change of pace from the regular classroom routines.
 It is easy to find readers' theater scripts on line, but one of my favorite sites is the one that includes readers' theater scripts for two readers. This is a manageable and fun way to start readers' theater in your classroom.
When you students get the hang of doing these two part scripts you can move to those with more characters involved. Happy Acting and Happy Rereading!

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