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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Phonics Magician- transforming CVC words into CVCe words with the magic e wand

Help your students SEE how the silent e changes words.
Collect CVC words that can change into new words with the addition of the silent e on the end.
An example of this would be:  can.......becomes cane, pin......becomes pine, hat....becomes hate.

To teach CVCe using familiar CVC words I use the "magic e wand".
Simply create a wand, or purchase one at the dollar store in the toy section.
Place a lowercase "e" on the wand.

Write the CVC word on the board or chart paper. Read the word (ex. man) enunciating the short a sound.
Show students how you can wave your magic "e" wand at the end of the word and transform
the word man into mane. Read the new word (mane) enunciating the long a sound. Presto Chango! You are a magician with your magic e wand. Next thing you know you will be pulling a rabbit out of your hat.

Here is a list of contrasting short and long vowel words to use in this activity:
a- grad- grade     mad-made     pal-pale     tam-tame     can-cane     man-mane     pan-pane     plan-plane
     van-vane         van-vane       cap-cape   scrap-scrape   tap-tape   fat-fate          hat-hate       mat-mate
i-   hid-hide          rid-ride         slid-slide    dim-dime        slim-slime fin-fine           pin-pine       shin-shine
     spin-spine       twin-twine     grip-gripe   rip-ripe           strip-stripe                    bit-bite         kit-kite
o-  glob-globe      rob-robe       cod-code  rod-rode         hop-hope                      slop-slope    not-note
u-  cub-cube        us-use           cut-cute     tub-tube          plum-plume

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